Triennale di Milanosca


Embracing the ancient concept of fine dressing, as well as the notion of clothing creating a home, MIKE&MILAN created an iconic woven raffia jacket for the Spring Summer 2008 collection: MILANOSCA. Going above the rules of a traditional fashion object, MIKE – DI RIFFA O DI RAFFIA became a carefully studied project of Italian creativity. Kaleidoscopic colours warm the soul as the sleek jacket weaves together natural elements, creating a striking structure full of personality. This true work of art pays homage to a contemporary way of thinking, and was included in the exhibition “The things we are”, curated by Alessandro Mendini and Silvana Annichiarico. An exhibition that travelled to the Third Museum of Italian Design at the Milan Triennale, bringing with it a selection of creative exhibits including pictures, stories and design objects in a statement of "contemporary archeology." Stemming from this intense concept, words and ideas began to take form through discussions and debates, ultimately leading to the presentation of MIKE – DI RIFFA O DI RAFFIA during the Milan Design Week in 2011, adding an important twist to MIKE&MILAN balance of stylistic choices and cultural heritage in a selection of wearable art pieces.